Holmsley Publishing

Marketing experts for authors and writers

Holmsley Publishing is one of those very few publishers continues to accept unsolicited manuscripts. This means that you do not have to be represented by an agent to get published by us. We, as booklovers, writers and marketing enthusiasts, understand you worked very hard on your manuscript, but unfortunately, we can only publish so many books every year.

Holmsley publishes, promotes and markets eBooks. We understand many authors are looking to get their book published in print form, however, at this moment this is not a road we are looking to take. If it turns out we are not a right fit, we are happy to provide authors with information all the information they need in our Author Academy so they can find an agent and a publisher that works for them.

What Holmsley is looking for from an author

  • Young adult, Women’s Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Crime, Paranormal and Mystery genres fit us best. We might consider different genres but do understand that we might decline these manuscripts.
  • We are looking for authors with a strong platform that are able to promote their work together with us.
  • We might consider non-fiction given it falls under the Marketing category.

What will be rejected immediately?

  • Christian or any other religious fiction
  • Erotica
  • Poetry
  • Children’s and/or picture books
  • Art and Design books

Questions to consider before submitting to Holmsley Publishing

  • What would make a reader choose your book over the other titles published in this area?
  • How would a reader become aware of your book, and how could we work with you to promote the book?

What do I need to include?

  • A covering letter.
  • A synopsis summarising the book and a chapter breakdown.
  • An author biography
  • The first three chapters of the manuscript. (+- 10.000 words)

If sent as a hard copy, submissions should be typed single-sided on A4 paper, double-spaced and unbound.


Please, do not send us your only copy (trust us, this happened before). We try to notify all authors that have submitted their work to us – if positive, or negative. If negative, we try to explain why and give constructive advice on how to peruse your dreams and craft.

Please note that due to the incredibly high number of submissions, it can take up to 10 weeks before a decision is made. However, most decisions will be made within 21 days.

We prefer our submissions to be sent via email. Not only is this better for the environment, it also allows us to assess your work and reply to you in a timelier fashion.

Email your submission to:  submissions@thebookmarketingexpert.com


Unfortunately, Holmsley Publishing has to reject the majority of manuscripts we receive. Please understand that this is generally not a reflection of the quality of writing, or a comment on the experiences or ideas in your submission, but our assessment of the possibility of placing the book in the marketplace. We are only able to publish a very limited selection of titles a year.

All our books will be published under “ Holmsley Publishing”