We help book cover artists sell more covers:

  1. We bring the authors to you. The Book Cover Shop is part of the Book Marketing Expert. A website catering to thousands of authors and their need for good marketing, covers, book publishing and advertising. All you have to do is upload your covers and we take care of the rest.
  2. You choose how much you want to sell your design for
  3. Authors sometimes buy covers of books they have not written yet. Your designs can inspire them!
  4. You can submit as many book covers as you would like.
  5. We put in the money and the hours of promoting your work so you don’t have to!

You can find the mock ups we used for the covers here. But obviously, you can use your own!


All cover artists receive 85% of the sales. This means that if you sell a cover for $50 you will receive $35. Remember that you can decide on the price of your cover yourself.

How does the process work?

  1. First you have to register for an account.
  2. Then you go to the Vendor Dashboard to apply to become a vendor. It will take approximately 48 hours before you will get approved.
  3. Upload your cover. Do not forget to give a good, keyword rich description. This will mean your cover shows up first in search results.
  4. Covers are normally approved within 24-48 hours.
  5. After your first covers have been approved, you might want to promote your shop page by driving traffic the your shop. Here are some ways to do this :
  • Link the page to your shop on your personal website, twitter profile, facebook profile etc.
  • Add a link to your shop to the signature in your email.
  • When posting on relevant forums, you can include a link to your shop in your profile’s signature.
  1. The moment an author buys one of our book covers, you will get an email. The author will probably have added a note, including the name and the title they want to use on the cover. If so, please add the text to the cover, and email the cover to the author. They will have provided their email address in the sales process. Always send both the Jpeg as the layered photoshop or InDesign files.
  2. Payments are being transferred every Sunday via Paypal. 85% of the sales price ( set by yourself) will be paid into your account.

Please contact us if you have any questions.