The first time I heard the word “book tour” I imagined spurs of authors travelling in little tour busses, trekking from book store to book store to meet fans and sign books. Although these kinds of tours do exist, they are often reserved for the cream of the cream of the best of the best of the best-selling authors. And no, they would not drive around in stinky little vans and stay at cheap motels.

In fact, a lot of authors find that even organising a single reading or signing session proves hard as little people turn up and/or sales do not cover the venue hire or marketing materials. Bummer.

Knowing this it might not surprise you that more and more authors are currently opting in for virtual book tours. These virtual book tours are incredibly efficient but also very cheap in comparison with the real deal. Perfect for indie – and self-publishing authors!

Book tours allow you to reach out to different communities, a wide array of fans and people interested in the genre of your book, and you will be able to make an impact both online and offline. If your budget is not bottomless but you would love to make a big impact – book blog tours are your thing!

What is a book blog tour

A virtual blog tour exists – just like an offline book tour, of multiple tour stops. These stops just happen on blogs and websites instead of in book shops. This way you will be able to reach a lot more readers. Some of the blogs we worked with for book blog tours have more than 80.000 monthly visitors!

A tour usually lasts one week to a few months depending on the number of stops. Depending on the marketing strategy and or the goals of the author, stops might happen every day or every few days, working around a significant date, release or promotion.

Short tours aim to increase sales on amazon in a short span of time while tours of a couple of weeks or even months aim at an even spread of continuous exposure.

Much like traditional book tours, virtual tours consist of multiple tour stops—they simply happen online and across multiple platforms. Generally, a tour lasts two to three weeks with a tour stop taking place every day or every few days.

What content is posted during a blog tour?

During a blog post we can post guest posts, interviews, excerpts, giveaways, reviews, YouTube videos, social media contests etc.

We have noticed in the past that book tours with giveaways do a lot better than giveaways without and that book blog tours sending out physical books have a higher blogger engagement than blog tours sending out ebooks.

Why should you do a book blog tour for your book?

You will be able to reach a lot more readers than you ever could on your own. As said before: some of these blogs have a giant readership! Imagine reaching 80.000 people with just one blog post stop. That is amazing!
Tours increase sales. Bloggers love to post links to your amazing sales page as many of them are affiliated through Amazon. This means they will earn a small commission for every reader buying your book via their site. It’s win-win, really.
Book blog tours are not only cheap – they are less time consuming than offline book tours. All in all, it will only take a few hours to answer interview questions, write guest posts or to select excerpts.
Book blog tours – especially book blog tours with giveaways grow your fan base and email list.
Book blog tours can generate high quality links to your website, helping you to rise higher in the google search results.

Win a book blog tour!

Book blog tours sound fun, right? Well – we are giving away 1 book blog tour for a value of $110 to one lucky author! You can take part every day, so be sure to come back!

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