We often get requests of authors wanting to advertise their book on book websites and blogs. And although there are a large number of book websites out there that offer paid advertisement and claim that they would help you sell thousands of copies, you should not take them at face value.

There are a lot of scams trying preying on authors scrambling for tools and lifelines to make their books into a success. Even though these websites might look professional, there is a very big chance that their claims are bogus.

So how can you make sure that the website you will be advertising on will be able to deliver? There are a number of tips and tricks we use to make sure that our authors advertise on sites and blogs that are worth it!

Check the site’s traffic

First of all you might want to check if the site is actually receiving any traffic – and what kind of traffic they receive. Is it mostly traffic gained organically, through their mailing list – or maybe something else?

One way to find out is by using a website called SEM Rush. Their Premium membership is used by marketers, advertisers and SEO experts alike. SEM Rush lets you look up the monthly traffic to websites and the kind of traffic they receive. You will also be able to check what country the traffic mostly comes from. Watch out though: you can buy 1000 visitors a day for $5 a month from online market places such as Fiverr. You can often spot this on SEM Rush when there is a high number of visitors coming via a direct link from countries such as India, China, Myanmar or even Russia.

Find out if the website attracts your kind of readers

Next you want to find out if the website you want to advertise on attracts people that would read your book. The last thing you want to do is to pay a lot of money to advertise to 10.000 people who are not interested in your book!

And no: it does not know that when you advertise to 10.000 visitors, you will get sales anyway. In fact: I would rather pay to advertise to 100 people that are genuinely interested in my genre and my niche than 10.000 random people who might not even give my ad a second look.

So how do you know what kind of visitors a website attracts? Well, most websites when asked, will be able to produce a media kit. This kit will tell you everything about the website from the advertisement rates to the kind of people – their age, their income, their location, their gender etc, visiting the website.

If the website does not have a media kit you might want to ask the webmaster to make you one. If they refuse – have a look at the website itself. What kind of blogs, what kind of ads, what kind of information do they post? If this all fits your own genre, book and ultimately your own kind of reader, go ahead. If not: stay away.


Now you have read this blog post, you do no longer need to spend money blindly and wildly on websites that will not offer you any real results.

Write all information you find out about these websites down and start comparing websites and their analytics. This can only help you in negotiating a price!

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