As a self-published author, you will have the responsibility to promote your book once it is published and on sale. All the time you spent on writing your book is nothing compared to the marketing efforts you have to make to sell it.

Luckily, social media has created unimaginable possibilities for us to sell our books more quickly than before. We can run a lot of the promotions — for free— without needing to spend thousands of dollars on marketing.

If you want to sell more books, YouTube is one of the greatest tools to broadcast your work  to the world. And this is remarkably well versed in making your books, as well as you – the author, shine.


  1. YouTube is a free resource

It is available for anyone to use. As an author, you can take advantage of the enormous levels of daily traffic YouTube receives.

  1. YouTube is the second largest search engine

As a self-published author, this gives you the power to place useful and informative videos right under the nose of people who are most likely to purchase your book.

  1. YouTube rewards video publishers

Publishers who produce profoundly engaging and relevant content will be rewarded by YouTube. Authors are notable for creating interesting written content; therefore, this medium is perfect for authors who have the ability to turn their written content into a visual source.

  1. YouTube channels will just take minutes to be set-up

Registering an account on Youtube only takes a few clicks, there are no excuses for not getting one set up!


Tip 1: The first major step when setting up your YouTube account is to choose your channel name. If you are a published author, then consider giving the channel your author name.

Tip 2:  So, you’ve created your channel!  The next thing you should do is to create your channel artwork and logo. Your channel artwork is the header, which your subscribers and viewers see when they visit your YouTube channel. Finally, your channel logo can be a photo of you.

Tip 3: Once you have created your channel, consider creating a YouTube channel trailer. A trailer is something your viewers will see once they come to your page. It basically is an introductory video. The trailer should only be around 1 minute long and should urge people to subscribe to your channel.

Tip 4: Once you have created your channel trailer you can then create and upload your first video. Never done anything like this before? Don’t worry. You will get better and better at doing things like filming and editing. If editing is not your strong suit you can always hire freelancers to do the work for you.

Tip 5: You aim to create videos that get the viewer’s attention for the whole duration of the video. The longer a viewer watches your video(s), the more YouTube will reward you with views. This factor is called the Viewer Retention Rate, and YouTube uses this factor, along with other essential elements, to assess how well your channel is doing.


  1. Create a Catchy and Engaging Title

The title of the video plays a vital role in the online content that internet users see when they complete a search. Usually, users just read the title and make their decision based on what this tells them.

This means that, even if a title is only five or six words long, it is worth making sure that they are the right ones. Every word should be valuable. There should be no filler words and no casually added terms. You should put relevancy and engagement first and be very specific.

  1. Embed your Videos in Multiple pages

YouTube allows authors to share their videos with others through email, on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and their blog sites. YouTube is a great place to post your videos but posting it on other social media platforms and blogs enables you to sell more books. Sharing is key, and this is another book marketing foundation you should be familiar with.

  1. Create High-Quality Videos

A video has two vital elements: Picture and Sound. While shooting a video, it’s essential to give close attention to both the audio and the visual aspects of your content since the audio is just as important as the video.

Video content will boost the growth in your sales. But, poor quality may have the opposite effect. Products and services that are not presented well can turn away prospective customers. Good quality should always be of the highest concern when creating video promotions for your channel. When you have high-quality media with appealing concepts, you can be confident that your book will achieve great success.

  1. Keep Videos Concise

If you want to create YouTube videos that lead to some kind of conversion, you want to keep them short. Ten minutes or less is the ideal timestamp for this purpose, giving you enough time to offer value without losing the user’s interest before they get to your CTA that urges them to purchase.


YouTube is a great tool to sell your books and all authors should be using it. With a huge audience, you can find any type of readership on the site. As long as you keep consistently creating high quality, relevant videos, you shouldn’t have any problem selling more books through YouTube.


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