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How to set up your author website in under 5 minutes – cheap, safe and easy!

May 20, 2017 Marketing 0

Over the past few years, the way people interact with authors has completely changed. Where we used to send letters and cards to our favourite writers, readers now reach out via social media, email and websites. The internet age has changed everything – some things for the good and some things for the… less good. However, one thing is sure: online and digital communication between author and the rest of the world has become extremely important.

One way to control the conversation you hold – and the conversation ABOUT you, is by setting up a website (and blog). This way, when people look up information about you, you have free reign of what people will find about you, your books and your life on your website and what not. Even for authors that are still looking for a publisher: being able to present a well built and professional website is important when reaching out to agents and publishers.

Here is a guide on how to set up a cheap but professional author website in under 5 minutes!

  1. Buy the domain name and hosting

Buying a hosting package and a domain name does not have to be extremely difficult nor expensive. I prefer to use Versio for its extremely cheap prices and magnificent customer service. I would normally pay about $6.50 for a .com domain name ( That is DIRT Cheap). As it stands, I have multiple domain names upon one hosting package so if you would like to make multiple websites for your books or book series, this is all possible. But first things first : your author website.

  1. Install WordPress

The second thing you want to do after buying a domain name and hosting is installing WordPress on your website. Yes, I know. There is something as a free WordPress blog (, but let’s be honest: it looks very unprofessional. If you don’t want to invest $15 a year into your website, how much are you willing to invest in your book?

  1. Decide on a theme

Once you have installed WordPress via the backend of Versio , you can decide on a theme to put on your WordPress blog. There are loads of great free blog themes out there that I do not feel you should be paying for one!

Once you decided on a theme, you can start populating your blog: writing blog posts, promoting your book and writing and since Versio even gives you free email addresses to go with your domain name, you can start professionally reaching out to readers, agents, publishers and influencers!

Setting up your own website is quite easy, but we understand some people might have some problems with setting up their own blog. If you need help setting up your website or blog, please send us a message and we’ll have a look how we can help you!

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