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10 free tools for the authorpreneur

May 8, 2017 Apps and Tools 0

Let me tell you: I have no idea what I would do without these tools, apps and websites. Time is money when you have a busy schedule and as an authorpreneur you are very likely to be very busy. These 10 free tools will not only save you money, they will save you time and make your life a whole lot easier!

So here are 10 free tools you should know about as an authorpreneur

1.Canva- best graphic design website I know

I cannot live without Canva. All my blog pictures, all my Pinterest collateral, every infographic I make… they are all made in Canva. And honestly? There are so many businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs I can spot that do the same. And why wouldn’t we? The results are incredibly professional, using the website is completely free and there are no watermarks, overlays or other nasty tricks to make people pay. Canva is an honest to god life saver as they have absolutely amazing themes, premades, fonts and styles and I love that they help you choose formats depending on what you need. 

2. Google Docs – A MUST HAVE if you collaborate

Are you collaborating with other people? You should think about using Google Docs. I absolutely love this Google service as it lets you collaborate on documents, forms, spreadsheets and presentations. You can watch people edit documents in real-time and you will always have the latest document saved on the drive. No, you cannot do exactly everything the same with google docs as you can with Microsoft tools, but nevertheless : Google Docs is freakin’ handy!

3. Google Drive – The only cloud I (want to) use!

I have used both Box and Dropbox before but I still prefer Google Drive. Why? Well, because it is compatible with Docs so you do not constantly have to upload files after you edited them, it is incredibly handy, it has ALL the same functionalities and the best thing? It is completely free! Last month I downloaded the Google Drive app for my computer. This way I can save documents on my phone or on my computer and access them whenever I want, wherever I want.

4. Trello – Keep your projects managed for free

Another absolutely amazing website and app is Trello. Trello lets you make boards. Every board represents a book, a side hustle or a project. In these boards, you can make “rows”. I for instance, always make a to-do list, a doing list, a done list, an idea list and a resource list. In these lists, you can post cards. These cards can be anything from tick boxes to text to pictures. Honestly, it is incredibly handy. If you want to collaborate, I would especially recommend Trello. You can add people to the boards who in their turn can make cards and can comment on yours.

5. SERP-Mojo – Track your site is ranking on google

SERP-Mojo is an incredible app that allows you to look at the search rankings of your website. I use it daily and I even have the paid version just because I use it so much. Don’t worry, this app is free, I just paid because it reloads the search rankings into the app every day.
Why is this interesting? Well, because it records how your website ranks for keywords you gave up. It feels so incredibly good to see your website grow.

6. MOZ – Why DA is important for your website and how to check DA

DA or Domain Authority is very important for your website as it shows how well your website would rank on search engines. The maximum DA is 100 but obviously, it is incredibly hard to get that kind of a score – Facebook does not even have that kind of score. Websites that are doing extremely well would have a DA of about 65 and good blogs will often have a DA above 20.
You can check your DA on the MOZ website.

How to increase your DA? One of the ways is by consistently putting out great content and by guest posting on websites with a good DA.

7. Grammarly – free app that improves your English writing

When you have to write a lot of articles in a short amount of time, mistakes can seep into your texts, especially when writing online. Grammarly helps you to improve your language, helps you to improve your grammar and your writing in general.

Just like in Word, Grammarly will underline mistakes in red and when hovering over the line, the tool gives you recommendations or the correctly spelled word.

8. Sumo.Me – All your website tools in one place

Sumo Me has some absolutely GREAT tools for your website such as share buttons for websites and images. They have heat maps, google analytics integration and you can easily have people share your website.

An absolutely amazing tool when you want to increase traffic to your website.

9. Google Analytics – The biggest source of information in website analytics

Google Analytics is one of my most important tools. I use it every day and there is just so much information I can get out of this tool. I know what people visiting my site are interested in, I know their gender, their hometown and even their marriage status. I can see how people are finding my website and what path people are taking on my site.

10. Google Search Console – Find out via what keywords people are coming to your website

Google Search Console is one of the newest Google tools I am absolutely crazy about. Via Google Search Console – you can add it to your google analytics, you can see via what search keywords people are finding your website. You can see what keywords bring up your website, how many people saw your website and how many people clicked it. This is an incredible source as you might want to increase your click through rate or you might see which of your pages are doing well in search rankings.



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